An analysis of the movie snowpiercer

Considering the real life events that have unfolded around us, such as the Arab Spring and the various anti-austerity protests that we have seen throughout Europe and the United States, it becomes easy for An analysis of the movie snowpiercer to root for the tail enders, while at the same time jumping to the conclusion that the movie is about the oppressed 99 percent fighting for justice against the tyrannical 1 percent.

What say you, reader? Witnessing this act was quite clearly was transformative for Curtis. In Snowpiercer, the train is the country, which is ruled by a tyrant; the people forcefully imprisoned in their stations under the penalty of death.

We learn about his one-time desire to eat babies from a heart-wrenching story told by Curtis himself. And the people were fighting against each other.

Look at Hitler with his dyed black hair and Gaddafi with handmade medals stuck on his jacket. Bong could have focused only on his immediate financial earnings and done as was asked by Weinstein, but he instead chose to remain true to his vision, his truth.

Everything must be regulated. Who, in any particular issue, decides what is good for the greatest number?

Snowpiercer Film Analysis

For starters, there is a complete lack of both economic equality and social mobility because none exists in nature. Such lawlessness, of course, cannot go unpunished. There are two ways to understand Snowpiercer, the right way and the wrong way. Each section of the train holds new surprises for the group who have to battle their way through.

A class system is installed, with the elites inhabiting the front of the train and the poor inhabiting the tail. The people who reaped the alms for the leaders could not, however, be mere mortals. He has a desire to go outside of the train. In other words, the tail enders are treated no better than cattle.

In the beginning of the film, we identify with Curtis and assume he is the hero since he is championing the ideals the audience believes in, such as equality, fairness, and justice. As a parable of Darwinian economic and political determinism. There was the sense that I had to overcome something and really test myself.

Some of the policies which Wilford has implemented is taking many of the children from the tail end for an unknown purpose never to be seen by the people in the tail end again, and committing occasional indiscriminate genocide in the tail end, most of the tail people believing as a method of population control and to demonstrate his dictatorial power in an effort to have a complacent populace among the masses.

Carter finds Christian themes in the film. In Augusta Czech producer hired by the production team began negotiations with two film studios for availability; Barrandov Studios was eventually chosen as the film studio and production service provider of Snowpiercer.

Therefore, any sort of rebellion against such mercy and kindness is that much more magnified and thus cannot go unpunished. Bong could have focused only on his immediate financial earnings and done as was asked by Weinstein, but he instead chose to remain true to his vision, his truth. And that would be a terrible shame.

Taking on the position of opposing totalitarianism while not living in a totalitarian state hardly seems edgy.

The production team travelled to Europe for studio scouting and ended up with two studio choices: This was how Wilford knew to send those notes to Curtis to incite his revolution. So in a way Edgar is very similar, he genuinely doesn't have anything and he's the lowest of the low of these people.

He has a desire to go outside of the train. Bong and Evans spent months talking about the dialogue, and Bong received help from the cast and crew including Evans due to it being his first English language film. Maybe I was being too harsh on Curtis.

The price that he has to pay is that he has no purpose except to keep the people, the very people whom he despises, contented.

The Last Snowpiercer Review You Will Ever Need to Read

In essence, whereas Wilford was demanding that everyone sacrifice their thoughts and their desires to his will, Gilliam was demanding that everyone sacrifice their thoughts and their desires to each other.

And likely to be one of the most misunderstood. He has to lie, flatter, praise, and inflate their vanities and vulgarities. She at the time really wanted to transform herself and look different than she ever looked before.

This is the movie's final message: Wilford reveals to Curtis that he had to make this choice because he could not wait for natural selection to take its course; had he done so, the exponential population growth would have outpaced the arithmetical level of food production, which would have caused everyone to slowly starve to death.

He has less independence than even the mediocrities that he rules over. In the real world, since the mid-nineteenth century, the countries in the world where famine occurred have been the countries that were run by tyrannical regimes that attempted to control, distribute, and ration food and farming based on political decisions.

So the mob finally fought back and showed the world that Hosni Mubarak was nothing more than a paper tiger.If you can’t see the new Bong Joon-Ho film Snowpiercer. SparkNotes. Search Menu. Literature arrow. Literature SparkNotes Suspend All Disbelief Before Boarding Snowpiercer.

By Ryan Britt of course is sort of a bummer, when the entire premise of the movie is a power-to-the-people allegory about how the upper-class takes. Jun 27,  · From a visual perspective, "Snowpiercer" is never less than stunning as it provides thrilling images ranging from the desolate landscape outside (complete with the occasional body still frozen in mid-step) to a full-size aquarium with beauty that is outdone only by its implausibility.

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The graphic works, the music, and the plot are amazing like the movie title. Unlike Snowpiercer, the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, on which the film is based, doesn’t end on a positive note — although, arguably, the film strays far enough from the book in.

An analysis of the movie snowpiercer
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